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The purpose of the SUAA Foundation is to provide the following services as deemed desirable, beneficial and fundable as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors.
  1. Education and information regarding legislation and social issues affect the welfare of the members of SUAA.
  2. Emergency assistance to SUAA members who are in need of financial support.
  3. Support to those Chapters establishing Survivor Assistance Programs.

SUAA Foundation Emergency Assistance Program

The SUAA Foundation Emergency Assistance Program is designed to help chapters provide support for members who are facing a sudden need for funds to cope with a crisis situation. Chapters may request assistance of up to $1,500 on behalf of individuals who have been SUAA members for 5 years or more.

A. Required - Write a Cover Letter
In the cover letter, please tell the Evaluation Committee about the situation for which your member needs our financial assistance. Describe what over-all aid the member is requesting, how it will be used, and what the chapter is doing to help. Include whether insurance will be available to cover some of the costs.

B. Required - Fill Out the Questionaire
On the questionaire, summarize what funds are needed, how they will be used, and what the chapter and its members are contributing to assist the applicant.

Electronic submission preferred

Online Questionaire
Click Here.

Print Out Application to Mail In
Click Here.

Please type both documents if you are mailing them and send to:
SUAA Foundation Emergency Assistance Program
217 E. Monroe, Suite 100
Springfield, IL 62711

Questions? Call the SUAA State Office at 217-523-4040.

Some grants can be subject to taxes. If the funding is approved, the SUAA Foundation Treasurer may need the recipient's Social Security number and other data for our records. Send the completed form and cover letter to SUAA FOUNDATION.

C. Required - Follow-up on Grants Given
The Foundation's Emergency Assistance Awards to members are channeled through the President and/or Treasurer of the member's SUAA Chapter. To assist the Foundation in periodic program evaluation, a month after the dispersal of funds, the Chapter officers will be asked for follow-up information:
A) How were the funds used by the member?
B) What was the impact of the funds on the member's emergency?
C) Can you suggest improvements in the procedures of the Emergency Assistance Program?

Emergency Assistance Program Online Brochure
Click Here.

Please help us to achieve our goals by contributing.

Suite 100 - 217 East Monroe Street - Springfield, IL 62701 - 217.523.4040
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