About SUAA Foundation

The SUAA Foundation, established in 1989, is authorized to support education and dissemination of information on issues affecting the welfare of SUAA members, provide Emergency Assistance Grants to chapters which are supporting members who face financial crises, and assist chapters establishing Survivor Assistance Programs.

Recently the Foundation Board has approved an Emergency Assistance matching grant to a chapter whose member suffered a health emergency while abroad and needed prompt, drastic aid with medical and transportation costs.

At the June 2017 Annual Meeting, the Foundation set up a luncheon where John Meyers of the Springfield Social Security Office described to our chapter directors how SURS benefits and Social Security benefits interact for those employees who can qualify for both.  This is a matter that few people, including journalists and legislators, understand clearly, so having our spokespeople well informed was a service to SUAA as a whole.

We continue to work on ways to provide information and assistance to our chapters and members, and we appreciate your continuing support.

The SUAA Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization, recognized by the IRS as a public charity.  

SUAA Foundation Address
217 East Monroe Street
Suite 100
Springfield, IL 62701


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The SUAA Foundation Executive Committee 
Jan Cook ISU Chair 2017-2021
Alice Medenwald NEIU Vice Chair 2018-2020
Narbeth Emmanuel SIUE Treasurer 2019-2021
Mary Posing  KCC Secretary 2018-2020
Sally Mullan COD Member-at-Large 2019-2021
H.F. Williamson UIUC Member-at-Large 2017-2021
Andy Small NIU Member-at-Large 2017-2021
Robert Laursen PC Member-at-Large 2018-2020
Jerry Lewis JJC Member-at-Large 2018-2020
Candace McLaughlin  WIU Member-at-Large 2018-2020

Remember that all Chapters are able to have representation on the SUAA Foundation Board of Directors. Please contact your local chapter or the SUAA State Office for more details.

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SUAA Foundation ByLaws
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SUAA Foundation Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

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